Thirty years of magic

Looking good at the ripe old age of 30.

Shugak…elegant, impressive, incredible presence, unquestioned character
These are the terms that describe our host - who was also the Equine of Honor  - at his 30th Birthday Celebration.

In the absence of his owner, Janice Boswell of Jazzaron Arabians, Shugak greeted his guests, posed for pictures and made the event as special for everyone as Janice had always dreamed it would be. He brought life to her vision of celebrating their 30-year partnership even though she was unexpectedly unable to be present because of serious illness.

A number of the friends responsible for making Shugak’s birthday possible after Boswell became ill. From left: Patti Tucker, Chris Carey, husband Freddie Boswell, Rachael Dixon, Diane Caruso and Lynda Bragg Workman. Not pictured, but a big part of the planning and implementation was Sandra Oglesby.

With approximately 50 guests attending, Shugak was the center of attention and conducted himself with such dignity and friendliness that he charmed each and every person and had greatly increased his circle of admirers by evening's end.

What’s a birthday party without the cake?

An impressive stallion even at this age, Shugak is in great condition and is still producing top quality foals which is a tribute to the outstanding care Janice has given him through the years. The way he obviously watched for her to walk through the door all evening while pleasantly enjoying his guests, clearly showed the tremendous bond between them.

Shugak greeted his honored guests with grace and elegance.  Among them was Mr. Robert Chumbley, a renowned  Equine Massage Therapist who gave Shugak a special moment with his magical touch and which Shugak obviously enjoyed tremendously.

The barn was decorated with an "Arabian" theme with music by Yanni providing the background for lively conversation between guests or quiet moments with Shugak and the other Jazzaron horses also in attendance from their stalls.  The decorations were elaborate and elegant.  A beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling in the middle of the barn.  Lace curtains and a Birthday Banner draped across the outside of Shugak's stall. 

A Tribute table located in the center of the barn displayed various photos of Shugak, Janice and some of Shugak's offspring  A Memory table stood in front of Shugak's stall with photos of various competitions and more of Shugak's offspring, including the 2004 Junior Hunter-Jumper Champion of the year, CBS Hobbit.  Candle votives, a brass candelabra and many of Shugak’s gorgeous trophies adorned the dining tables. The barn was circled with ceiling lights that completed the festive atmosphere.

Just one of the special displays that chronicled Shugak’s 30 year-partnership with Boswell in showing,
breeding and enjoying each other’s company.

Janice’s most prized trophy – 2004 Arabian Breeder of the Year - was placed on an elegantly adorned Guest Entry Table.

H.O.O.F. (Horse Owners Out for Fun), a local horse club Janice is very active in, designed the party theme and decorated the barn.  Family and friends donated the Birthday cake and their favorite side dishes.

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