Western Carolinas Futurity and the All-Star Stallion Auction

2012 Futurity Results

HA/AA Colts/Geldings Weanlings

  1. Sabotage MA (Majesteit x Notoriety BMB) Owner: Meredith Merritt
  2. Koweta Call Me Major (DS Major Afire x Call Me Callie) Owner: Denni Mack
  3. Nites Tribute (RA Hot Every Nite x Preemadoniis) Owner: Carol Johnson
  4. Hails Bailes (Apaladin x Summary Judgement) Owner: Stefanie Gagliardi
  5. Hy Pryced Diamond (Hy Wynds x Ole Lady In Diamonds) Owner: Donald Williby

HA/AA Colts/Geldings Yearlings

  1. Chilled To Perfection (Baskghazi x She's A Phenomenon) Owner: Rebecca Upchurch
  2. Jackson LA (DA Josiah x SS Spotlightandroses) Owner: Heather Sinclair

HA/AA Fillies Weanlings

  1. Koweta Sundancesplash (Sundance Kid V x Koweta Inthespotlight) Owner: Denni Mack and Patricia Hawkins
  2. GA E-Magination (HGEsquire+ x LA Baltic) Owner: Robert Gainey

HA/AA Fillies Yearlings

  1. Narcissa Afire (Charmed and Bewitched) Owner: Pennie Peck
  2. PF Aurora Firestar (Comets Calypso x Phantom Aurora

Arabian Weanling Fillies

  1. Aflames Anara JM (Odyssey SC x Afanne The Flame) Owner: Marvin Snow
  2. Mizpah Iriidiia Rose (Al Maarakesh x Alessandra El Dancer) Owner: Philip Blumenfield
  3. Ju Bey Valzaynah (DA Valentino x Shah Bey South Comet) Owner: Pam Burrows
  4. Cowgirl Anthem LA (Anthem V x                        Owner: Vernon Schryer
  5. Minuet In E (HG Esquire+ x Ty Lillie Bey) Owner: Diane Duquette

Arabian Yearling Fillies

  1. SHF Southern Charm (Masquerade PA x SHF Souths Choice) Owner: Ed Davidson
  2. SHF Lady Mary Ann (SF Veraz x SHF Mar Wonderful) Owner: Ed Davidson
  3. Sylkn Star Contessa (Comets Calypso x Patrolons Sylk) Owner: Alicia Mansuetti
  4. Marnaalah (Marhaabah x Ultimate Comet) Owner: Pam Burrows

Arabian Weanling Colts

  1. SHF Sans Rival (Abha Qatar x SHF Miss Scarlet) Owner: Ed Davidson
  2. SHF Bound For Glory (Gai Monarch x SHF Betty Lou) Owner: Ed Davidson
  3. SPA Bedetto (FSF Dakaros Enchanter x Magnum Heiress) Owner: Barb Adler
  4. Mondavi GA (Hy Wynds x GA E-Vangeline) Owner: Robert Gainey
  5. Magic Moment (Al Maarakesh x Ianna Rose) Foster Olson

Arabian Yearling Colts

  1. CW Maritz (Marhaabah x R Belazar) Owner: Dave Bruder
  2. SHF Harry Potter (RHR Marcedes x SHF Confederate Rose) Owner: Ed Davidson
  3. SPA Royal Samurai (TF Royal Shahbaz x Echos Elegant Charm) Owner: Barb Adler
  4. Pistal Bey LA (Comets Calypso x Sequoia Bey) Owner: Vernon Schryer
  5. Josiahs Showstopper (DA Josiah x Comets Showgirl) Owner: Pam Burrows


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